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ToysRUs donates to national charities was well as groups serving the local communities which focus on children. Access the guidelines and email direction at:

Staples Donation Request - Donates gift cards to nonprofit groups for fundraising

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Auction Donation Ideas

If we can get items donated by businesses and auction them off a full profit in Auction Donation Ideas - Getting enough auction items donated to sell at your charity event is a tough task. Sometimes, the best ideas for auction donations come from thinking outside the box about new or unusual sources. More auction donation ideas here:

Human Hungry Hippos to go with other humanized games or activities...body tracing, freeze tag, human tic-tac-toe, human tiddlywinks, etc.

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Rubber Duck Fundraiser Tips

Rubber Duck Fundraiser Tips - This simple event raises lots of money and is very easy to do. Article has lots of tips on adding in more fun activities to raise even more funds.

ThinkFun donates puzzles for your fundraising event. There is a simple word.doc to download and email in (located at the bottom of the webpage): often donates a $20 gift certificate to schools and non-profit groups for fundraising purposes. Early application for this donation is permitted. Complete the form and submit as directed on the form:

Chipotle supports organizations in a variety of ways, including in-restaurant fundraisers for schools and donations in-kind. They are exclusively focused on assisting: K-12 schools, youth community groups, community gardens, food & sustainable agriculture groups (if you are not one of the listed groups request at local store level). Apply online at least 12 weeks prior to your event. Online application:

Olive Garden donates to charitable causes that benefit the community. Donation requests can be submitted in writing to the general manager of your local Olive Garden. This includes requests for donations of gift certificates or food.

Panera Bread donates 'Bread for a Year' certificate to non-profit groups for auction, raffle or fundraising purposes. Currently they donate one certificate annually. Must apply close to your event date, a month or so. Value: $65. Your local store may donate food for the event as well.

Sticks and Stones alphabet photography donates a $50 gift certificate to non-profit organizations. They reply often the same day and email you a printable PDF of the gift certificate. Apply online at:

The Cheesecake Factory has a great Gift Card Donation program. This is open to non-profits and schools. Guidelines:

Target donates gift cards to nonprofits and schools for fundraising purposes. Just take your donation request letter on official letterhead to your local Target store. Sometimes you get a gift card on the spot, other times they call you pick it up when an authorized manager is working. If you have multiple Target locations nearby, you can usually get a gift card from each location.

Whole Foods Market donates to non-profit organizations and educational groups in communities which they serve. Use the website link below to generate the donation request form - you will need your EIN # and IRS determination form to upload.

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How To Get More Donations

Fundraiser Help: How To Get More Donations - In all types of fundraising you are essentially making a donation request. So, what do you say or do to get more donations for your cause? Answer one simple question: “How will my donation change the world?” More donation letters here:

Subway Donation/Sponsorship Request Form - Whether a walk-a-thon in your community or a large school event, we’d love to help out with your local charity or educational institution’s event.

Waste Management - Send your donation request via US mail or email. Ultimate donation list :