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Mandalas speak to the soul. They are art, yet they are more than art, the same way we are each our selves, and yet we …

1.This is a diagram of the "ohm" symbol, used in Hindu meditation. 2.It represents various ideas about what warship and meditation should be. 3.Honestly the symbol just seems to hold great significance.

Elemental Mandala Collection. Close your eyes for 3 seconds, then open and chose a Mandala. It will them give details.

Love this. Can't tell if I like it more in black/grays, or if I would like it more in color. It would probably look dope with different blues.

In the dream of colour, snowflakes easily become related to the flowers and cousins to the sunshine!

peacock feathers mandala. I may want something like this for a watercolor tattoo, maybe just a singular feather though

Tattoo Idea!

Tattoo Idea!

Tattoo Idea!