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Spiritual meaning of chakra colors in auras

Print of original design drawn in pen and ink/mixed media. High quality resolution on heavy-weight card stock paper. Unframed. Please allow 1-3

10 Mandala Designs For Your Inspiration | Lyemium

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°The Power of Color

Mandalas speak to the soul. They are art, yet they are more than art, the same way we are each our selves, and yet we …

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Colored Mandala Tattoo

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Mandalas have been used in Eastern traditions as a way to help promote concentration and the revealing of inward thought, each layer represents a more hidden layer of the self.

Water color tattoo maybe?

Learn to henna

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Small Manadala's

Large Mandala Letterpress Print One of a kind by concreteLace

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gorgeous doodle in black with circles ... and three bright blue flowers ... beautiful and dramatic ...

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