Name the Genre - could add space for kids to write in a book in that genre once they read

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Reading genre posters - free and a game as well! The librarian's dream!

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teaching genres

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This FREE reference sheet will help your students identify the different genres in the text that they are reading and/or writing. Grades 1-3

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3rd Grade Reading Genres chart- use when going to the library o get a variety of books. #types of texts #types-of-texts #types of stories #types-of-stories #informative text #persuasive text #non-fiction #fiction #descriptive text #narrative text #expository text

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Using Context Clues to Teach Vocabulary {free printable included} | This Reading Mama


encourages student


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Love these free printable spelling dictionaries! They come in six different versions, too!

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Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strip Yellow ELT-Y On Book Page View

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Students work on identifying genre by cutting books out of Scholastic magazines and gluing them onto this foldable!

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5th grade

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Literacy activities by the genres...GREAT to add to the lesson plan book!!!

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reading genre

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Questions for Critical Literacy: Some types of questions promote critical literacy more than other types of questions. Questions to stimulate thinking are often higher level types of questions. This list of questions can be used for comprehension and general use. Keep as Reference.

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GENRE OVERVIEW: includes brief definition of teach genre.

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5th Grade Read Aloud Log // students follow along in a book as I read aloud or as an audiobook plays. At the end the of the Shared Reading time, my students stop and fill our one of these boxes per day. Each day focuses on a different reading strategy, like making predictions, making connections, describing setting or characters, etc. // It keeps the kids accountable AND talking about the book!

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Great advice! This book excerpt from Read, Write, Lead by Regie Routman explains how to be a reading role model and why it is important to demonstrate close reading.

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Differentiation Across the Subject Areas

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2nd grade

Genre Challenge

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2nd grade

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Genres Reading, Identifying Genres, Products, 3Rd Grade

Reading with your child- parent support

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