Name the Genre - could add space for kids to write in a book in that genre once they read

Literacy activities by the genres

Love these free printable spelling dictionaries! They come in six different versions, too!

3rd Grade Reading Genres chart- use when going to the library o get a variety of books. #types of texts #types-of-texts #types of stories #types-of-stories #informative text #persuasive text #non-fiction #fiction #descriptive text #narrative text #expository text

keeping track of reading genres. #types of texts #types-of-texts #types of stories #types-of-stories #informative text #persuasive text #non-fiction #fiction #descriptive text #narrative text #expository text

Reading genre posters - free and a game as well! The librarian's dream!

A fun way to respond to a novel that a class is studying or even a picture book. What would your character say on their facebook status?

Great idea for genre study

Story Elements

Reading Tree...Starts out bare at the beginning of the year, add a leaf for every book you read together as a class! Keep this idea for next year!

Teach reading comprehension with Post-it Notes: love this anchor chart would add check mark for something they agree with



types of writing hooks

Rachel this one is for you. Genre test

5th Grade Read Aloud Log // students follow along in a book as I read aloud or as an audiobook plays. At the end the of the Shared Reading time, my students stop and fill our one of these boxes per day. Each day focuses on a different reading strategy, like making predictions, making connections, describing setting or characters, etc. // It keeps the kids accountable AND talking about the book!

Classroom Freebies: Reading Comprehension

Reading with your child- parent support

So What's the Big Deal? Getting to the Main Idea - helping students with the demands of Reading Informational Standard 2.

Teaching genre - great to have for their reading folder- 2 week challenge during the 4th 9 weeks. Adjust to 2nd grade genres