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Various funny husky emotions. They have such awesome personalities. I want

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The Golden Ratio of Beauty: "There's a "golden ratio" for faces. Faces were considered most attractive when the features were set apart according to certain ratios. Ideally, you want the distance between your eyes and mouth to be about 36 percent of the length of your face. And, ideally, the distance between your eyes should be 46 percent of your face's width..." (Adrianna Lima)

The Funny Thing About Shirts & Ties

Miles Teller - I really liked him in the new FootLoose movie. They picked a good replacement.

Type 1 diabetes: Gut microbiota networks may influence autoimmune processes

Sad face, it was at this point in my literacy history that I started not to like to write because of what we were being made to write. had we gotten to stay with fiction i would have been happy, but i didnt like essays.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

So many. Good character reference.  *-* --> 7 cen.col. / 14 rig.col. / 16 lef.col.

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