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It's Like I'm Being Tied To The Hood Of A Yellow Rental Truck, Being Packed In With Fertilizer And Fuel Oil, Pushed Over A Cliff By A Suicidal Mickey Mouse! - I love Idina Menzel

My 1000th pins goes to, of cours, Idina Menzel as Elphaba ♥ The original and the best.

RENT. Mark and Maureen (Anthony and Idina)

and one day he'll say to me Elphaba, girl who is so superior, shouldn't someone so good inside, have a matching exterior?

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See Idina Menzel perform live

Idina Menzel

Rent - Idina Menzel She is one of the reasons I LOVE THIS MUSICAL♥

That fact that I can perfectly decipher that signature makes me wonder if perhaps I've come a bit too far as a fangirl.

Seriously. I hate when people say they love her/know her because of Frozen. Have you even seen Rent?

  • Faith Lee


  • Taye


  • Courtney Quail

    Loving Idina for her per-Frozen work doesn't make you any better than someone who loves her for Frozen. Not everyone is a musical theater fan. It doesn't matter how great a performer is if the general public is never exposed to them. I knew of Idina from Rent and Wicked and her stint on Glee but were I not a musical theater/show choir person, I probably wouldn't know who Idina was until Frozen. You can't blame someone for not being a fan of something/someone they've never been exposed to.

  • Ariana Stratton

    I knew about Idina in RENT, Wicked, and Enchanted waaay before Frozen... And I'm thirteen!!!!!

  • Ariana Stratton

    ^ AND Glee xD

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Idina Menzel

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!! EVERYBODY STOP!!!! ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS SAID THAT THIS IS SANDRA BULLOCK!!!!! ITS A KNIFE TONTHE HEART!!!! If you think that this is Sandra bullock then plz go away.

Idina autographing Elphaba... This is all I could ever want. 💚