Black Latex Catsuit worn By Idina Menzel. Buy your Catsuit for dance from DCUK Dance Clothes.

Maureen Johnson, Rent (movie). La Vie Boheme!!

Idina Menzel and Fredi Walker in the original Broadway production of Rent

Elphaba’s Wicked Witch costume that Idina Menzel wore in the original broadway production of Wicked

23 Moments Theater-Lovers (And Performers) Know All Too Well

Tony's smile inspires everyone, if you're not inspired by his smile there's something wrong with you

Lana Parilla- Evil Queen ,This is awesome,funny and sweet speech!! I

Shout out to my friends for dealing with my Les Mis addiction

Wicked | Stage Production | "No Good Deed" | Idina Menzel


RENT. I showed him the first half and he kept reminding me to show him the rest for a week :).

Broadway's 16 Elphabas


rent/les mis mash-up. Okay so I am not the only one who thinks of the boys when I hear that line in Rent... good.

Witchy Reunion! See Wicked's Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth 10 Years Later in Entertainment Weekly

Rent. The ONLY one of my favorite #Broadway shows I haven't seen live. It's already closed on Broadway, which makes me incredibly sad.


Glinda and Elphaba From Wicked

A frickin' amazing pic of Idina belting out Take Me or Leave Me in the stage production!