Black Latex Catsuit worn By Idina Menzel. Buy your Catsuit for dance from DCUK Dance Clothes.

Maureen Johnson, Rent (movie). La Vie Boheme!!

Wicked vs. Frozen...I just wish Wicked got that happy homecoming. Oh yeah and they forgot one similarity "IDINA FREAKING MENZEL"

I feel like you miss out on a lot of life if you can't manage to spontaneously break out in song once in a while.

this is so sweet

Wicked | Stage Production | "No Good Deed" | Idina Menzel

"You've got the part..."

She started off as a star in RENT, which nobody even knows about. She got bigger and bigger and was the original star of Wicked which is now a fan favorite, and now look at her. In Hollywood recording the voice and songs of a Disney movie. I am so proud of how she has grown

Elphaba Ballroom Costume from Wicked the Musical

Idina Menzel (singing "Take Me or Leave Me" with Fredi Walker in "Rent," 1996) - Fun song to belt in the car!

You sang both the Maureen and Joanne parts in “Take Me or Leave Me.” | 35 Signs You're A Recovering Renthead


'Take Me Or Leave Me' (from Rent) by Idina Menzel & Tracie Thoms

You're gonna be popular! I'll teach you the proper ploys When you talk to boys Little ways to flirt and flounce I'll show you what shoes to wear How to fix your hair Everything that really counts

This video of Idina and Kristin rehearsing gives you so much joy. | 31 Signs You're Obsessed With "Wicked"

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Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel, Wicked

Idina Menzel preparing for her role as Elphaba in Wicked.

Maureen Johnson, Elphaba Thropp and Elsa Queen of Arendelle

Seriously. I hate when people say they love her/know her because of Frozen. Have you even seen Rent?