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Showcase of Dieselpunk Artworks The_Widow_Maker_by_davincis – Sci-Fi Art

Diesel City

Global Power (in art deco style) Photo manipulation by StefanParis One of many great “Dieselpunk” images created by StefanParis.

Celian's ship

Dieselpunk, military, fighter plane, VTOL aircraft by ~kordal


"der Tod eines Pioniers" Retrò illustration by Waldemar von Kazak (Urss) - DigitalArt - (train trolley ambulance city street accident landscape location environment architecture)


Yes, I remember these gas stations! The "Attendants" would rush out to your car and while they were filling your tank, they would check your oil and wash your window.

Pour vous réchauffer un peu en ce début de week-end glacial, voici la Sélection du Week end n°57 ! Comme chaque week-end, voici une nouvelle sélection d

[59 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°57

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