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Twilight Zone | June Twilight Zone Fades Into Twilight Zone | nightmare above. My father showed me this episode when me and my brother were little and I will not exaggerate I was horrified by it- though it is still a fav to this day of mine

Hilarious, until the fact that their are individuals like this out there hits you like a ton of bricks... Then it's hilarious and a little bit concerning, but hilarious nonetheless!


The nope orange…

Well, it didn't take the Supernatural fandom long to get here.<----- that's because, unlike most fandoms which tend to apply to demographics, literally everyone (except uber-religious, types) can find something to like in Spn.<<<And because it is awesome

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Imagine going in for the first glimpse of your unborn child, the miraculous little peanut that will grow into the baby you have been dreaming of...only to be haunted by the creepiest image of some...