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Going from 1 to 2 kids: the first 3 months

Find out what it's like going from having 1 kid to having 2 kids. Our journey and tips on what got us through during months 4-7 of our new baby's life.

The Baby Chick's ULTIMATE Baby Registry Checklist

When Do Babies Start Teething? And other baby teething Answers

When do babies start teething? Find out when you'll see baby's first tooth—and when you can expect all the other teeth too—in our baby teething chart. www.mamanatural.c...

Baby scarves... Etsy listing at

Fever in Children - How high is TOO high?

Fever in children means their body is fighting off an infection, cold, or flu. However, pediatric fever can be serious - do you know what to look for? (ad)

Tips for mentally surviving the newborn phase

How to mentally survive the newborn phase. Great post for moms on how to do practical things that will help you keep your sanity during your baby's first few months.