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Simple Artichoke Angelhair Carbonara

This is one of my more popular recipes. Or should I say, reci-peas??! I love peas and the little green dears justify my love here by lending some density to the angel hair pasta's light weight and texture. They also enhance the boatloads of flavor that naturally results when you put eggs, parmesan cheese, and BACON in the same dish delish!! Yum! Try it and let me know what you think.

"We have arrived." Said the lady rowing the boat as we hit shore. The two boys, one girl and I got out of the boat, stumbling as we did. "Now you listen to me, closely." We nodded at her, a sign that we were listening. "You'll go up this road and at the top you have to be careful. There are creatures roaming the grounds, protecting it and because you haven't been accepted by the owner of the house, they'll attack you all. So hide and run if you get noticed, but whatever you do get to the…

Italy. #Venice circa 1865 - vintage photograph by George Eastman House #Bridge of Sighs built in 1602 designed by Antoni Contino (this image fascinates me more intensely than any other I have placed on Pinterest)