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  • Rachelle Abriel

    Clean Up The Money Game! This game combines grid coordinates with counting coins. Great for end of the year review. Free PDF of game board and directions at

  • Shelley Wilcynski

    Great ideas for teaching money!

  • Michelle Dean

    money games and using a 100 chart to count money

  • Erin Ford

    Math Center Ideas, money review

  • Rachel Lee

    Money Math: In this game, students roll a letter die and a number die. If there is a coin at the location of their coordinate pair, they collect the coin and keep rolling!

  • Julie Green

    "Clean up the money" game...teaches counting coins and coordinate pairs. Many other money ideas and activites also.

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Similar to "Race for a Dollar," Trading Up asks kids to roll die, count coins, and make exchanges. (Great form, but do note the spelling error in the directions.)

"I Have, Who Has" for money. My students love to play this, as well as the multiplication IHWH game!

Great game for practicing coin recognition! Could roll a dice and add that many of the same coin together, too!

Decided to use a set of plastic coins to make a kaboom game. All I did was hot glue some coins to popsicle sticks. I also wrote "Kaboom" on about 5 sticks. Then all of the sticks went face down into a pringles can that i cut down to size. The game is super easy to play. (There are lots of Kaboom games out there in bloggy land.) Kids play in groups of 2-4. When it's your turn you pull out a stick. You add the coin values and tell the amount. If your partner or group members agree with you,...

Piggy Race: students could simply have practice using coins to show different amounts. It's called, "Piggy Race", because they are trying to get to the piggy in the middle first to be the winner.     This game is also very simple, but I think that's how it needs to be to work for all learners.

Print, laminate and cut apart money cards. Students will count a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes up to $1.00 on cards and match them wit...

Pinch and total money counting. Reach into a bag of mixed coins. Pull out as much as you can pinch then add the coins together for the total!

These 3 money activities reinforce skills that accompany the money unit from Smart Board that I have uploaded. These activities follow the first g...

Use a hundred chart to help students count coins. Have students place coins on the correct number. For instance, given 3 dimes and 1 nickel, students would place dimes on 10, 20, 30 and the nickel on 35. The last coin tells students how much money they have altogether.