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  • Renee Miller

    With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart: Easter / Springtime Bird Nests Easter Bird Nests 2 cups Mini Marshmallows (I used 3/4 of a bag of large marshmallows) 1/4 cup Butter 4 cups of Chow Mein Noodles Jelly Beans, M's or Robin's Eggs to fill Recipe makes 12 nests. Rub butter in muffin pan. (I sprayed with PAM) In a large, microwave safe bowl, melt the butter. Add marshmallows, stir and microwave 45 seconds on full power. Stir; microwave an additional 45 seconds. Stir; add Chow Mein noodles. Stir until coated with marshmallow/butter mixture. Put butter (PAM) on your hands. Spoon the coated Chow Mein noodles in each cup, then use your hands to form it into little nests. Put the pan in freezer for an hour or so. Pop each nest out using a knife or fork. Place on a lightly buttered serving plate or a plate lined with parchment paper or wax paper so nests won't stick. Fill with candy

  • Collene Ophelia

    Art like marshmallow treats with chow mein noodles easter-easter-easter

  • Cindy Whitsett

    Birds Nests -- Microwave recipe and no chocolate (unless you want to fill them with malted eggs). I would probably fill with Jelly Bellies. Yup, even I can make and eat these :)

  • Lydia Neal

    I think I would like these better with pretzels and white chocolate! So cute! ------- These edible springtime "bird nests" are actually made from marshmallows and chow mein noodles—fill 'em up with Whoppers Robin Eggs candy for full effect! Pin it to your boards! » Get the recipe at With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart -

  • Sharon Piazza

    Easter Egg Nest...I like this idea but I think I will substitute pretzel sticks for the chow mein noodles and white chocolate for the marshmellow.

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Chocolate butterscotch nests. so cute for Easter! I need to try these. Have made pnut butter nests for years, but these look even tastier!

Nest Eggs! Use a package of crunchy wonton noodles, melted chocolate and Jordan almonds.Toss noodles with melted chocolate, quickly shape into nest, place on wax paper to dry. Place almonds in each nest for the eggs.

Bird Nests! 3/4 C chocolate chips, 3/4 C butterscotch chips, 1 C peanut butter, 3/4 chow mein noodles. Form in muffin cups!

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Bird Nests! 3/4 C chocolate chips, 3/4 C butterscotch chips, 1 C peanut butter, 3/4 chow mein noodles. Form in muffin cups!

birds nests and wildflowers under glass cloches, I've been trying forever to figure out how I could do decorations like this in my home. Normally they would get covered in cat hair and dust to fast for me to keep up with them, plus if my cats knew they were there they would chew on them and wreck them if at all possible. This is a perfect way to have them and keep them safe and clean!

Bird Nests: unsalted butter, for greasing the muffin pan 6 ounces (1/2 bag) of semi-sweet chocolate chips 6 ounces (1/2 bag) of butterscotch chips 1 cup creamy peanut butter 6 ounces (1/2 of a large bag) of chow mein noodles 36 mini Cadbury eggs

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.The decorations don't look like they are made from sugar. Decorations could come from Hobby Lobby and just placed on white cake, how simple.

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Chocolate Nests. Thats amazing. I wish I had this gem when it was easter!