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English language facts & how it's being used around the world. And it's a common language on the internet!

A vibrant private sector-with firms making investments, creating jobs, and improving productivity—promotes growth and expands opportunities for poor

Here at Infographiclabs we love languages and were totally excited when Freelance Writing Jobs asked us to analyse the world's biggest language families.

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Infographic: US presidential election 2012 Explaining logistics of major quadrennial vote, from party primaries to conventions and electoral college. Infografía: elección presidencial de EE.UU. 2012 Análisis de la tendecia de voto cada cuatro años a partir de las primarias del partido a las convenciones y colegio electoral. Al Jazeera

How to Change the World w/ just 20$ (follows economist Muhummad Yunus & micro-lending principle)

Infographic: U.S. Health Care vs. The World // The United States spends more than 2.5 times more on health care, per person, than most developed nations in the world...