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Oh my. You don't often see an Appaloosa quite this distinctively colored--so intensely black and white.

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, apparently there are only 3,500 left. Known for their speed and natural metallic shimmering coat......Stunning!!!

This is Reckless Dan, an unusual grey brindle Quarter Horse. Most brindle horses have dark stripes on a lighter body color, but a rare few have white stripes on a dark body color. While it is possible that white brindles are chimeric (and certainly some may be), the current thought is that the color is probably the result of a one-time mutation, probably of rabicano.

An odd one indeed - I wish there was another picture showing the full body of the horse. Could be a Tobino (because of the facial markings) with an interupted White Face and the inner ears are also white.

His color is a silver grulla (hey -- I see leg barring!) This is Kansas City Twister, a foundation Quarter Horse stud at High Point Farm.