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Munsters Houses, Witch Hats, Dreams Home, Mockingbird Lane, Haunted Houses, Old Houses, 1313 Mockingbird, The Munsters, Victorian Houses

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derelict stairwell of grand building... of glamourous ladies sweeping down to a ball...and maids plodding up & down at the masters beck and call....these could tell some stories!

Beautiful abandon...I just want to hang a swing on that porch and listen to the crickets and frogs and the creak of the chains....

I've decided to refer to Bill Bryson for this scene, when he describes tromping around an abandoned house with his older siblings.

Oh yes, a fixer upper indeed! But beautiful nonetheless.

Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if every old house could be made liveable again instead of torn down.

This abandoned beauty in New Orleans is the result of Hurricane Katrina and the floods. Very sad. It was obviously an incredible home.

Why did they leave stuff? did they have so mych stuff and only took the best ? were they killed ? Abandoned farm house, Annie Neilsen.

Old House On A Hill by imjackhandy, via Flickr