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Skyrim is one of my favorite video games I have ever played. I love going on a adventure and killing dragons.

nenuno creativefrom nenuno creative

Digital Art by Jason Chan

Illustration - man of throne with dead bodies around - Jason Chan

R.A. Salvatore's legendary Drizzt Do'Urden is always worth reading. Start with "Homeland" and work your way through from there. I'm not sure if he's finished with the series or not, but he did just finish another trilogy on this epic hero.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.
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Hmmm... What to Choose?

Oh my gosh.

Fistandantilus and Raistlin from Dragonlance series of books created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

This is very true. Once you fall in love with someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful.e.

Geist cover art by Jason Chan 2011 Chelsea Award Winner for Best Novel Cover Art (and Hugo winner Lou Anders presented the award)

Anubis - Egyptian God of the Dead. Judges the hearts of those who have died to determine where they will go in the afterlife.

As the Egyptian goddess of the harvest, Renenutet (She Who Rears) was a deity particularly important to grape growers. This made Her a Goddess of Wine and led to many people sacrificing to Her during times of harvest. Also known as Lady of Fertile Fields and Lady of Granaries.

Cendre Portrait by Orpheelin female elf shield | NOT OUR ART - Please click artwork for source | WRITING INSPIRATION for Dungeons and Dragons DND Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu and other d20 roleplaying fantasy science fiction scifi horror location equipment monster character game design | Create your own RPG Books w/

When you really love something that has a small fan base and you can't find anyone to talk about it. (Nerd Girl Problem #485)

Let's just sit a moment and realize that with a simple shhh he ACTUALLY SILENCED a room at Comic Con. That was the absolute scariest thing I have ever seen out of a character.... #SDCC July 2013 | #tomhiddleston #loki

Prospero: I chose this because throughout the play Prospero makes himself known to be a control freak, completely obsessed with magic, along with reading. Loki, from the Marvel Universe is known to be a powerful control freak who's more invested in magic than his own family, which we learn Prospero did prior to his banishment to the island.

Artemis Entreri, from R.A. Salvatore's Legend of Drizzt and The Sellswords series.