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Is it just me or is Niall the next Zayn? Like, I'm not sorry to break it to you but you're both actually apart of One Direction.

Ha! Josh and his rentacar that the band members and 5sos decorated...

Niall is me. We are one>>I'm double fangirling cuz its 2 bands! Eep!<LOL

Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds Of Summer. I love Luke's guitar solo so much!!

When you see it.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I seriously love this fandom so much.

5SOS . #celebrities #famous . Repins and likes are appreciated =) follow me @ and

Hahahaa ~ so funny! Liz also saw a picture on Twitter of Luke signing some fan's boob, and obviously she commented on it! She was like "Lucas Robert Hemmings! What do you think you're doing!?" Hahahaa ~ I wonder what my parents reaction would be when I get my lip pierced?? Not like they will be able to do anything about it... ♥

I LOVE THIS MORE THAN THE AIR I BREATHE TO LIVE<<< an get this they won't ever grow up mentally-YAYYY IMMATURITY!!!!!!!

Click on the image to give Respect... you'll find yourself on a special page within RespectPoint for 5SOS. We'll share your message in a special pin on our #Respect5SOS board. Other fans can click on your pin and give their own Respect... it's a virtuous circle :) RespectPoint is new, easy and fun...

5sos. ....I've been thereeeeee! That's in London right? It looks reaalllly familiar so I might've been there