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Satyrs - creatures who looked like men, but had the hooves, feet, and tails of goats. Preferred pastimes were chasing wood nymphs and playing tricks on men. One of the most famous was Pan, son of Hermes by Penelope or of Zeus and Hybris. Also called Hylaeos, or forest god, Pan held a seven reed shepherd's pipe. His name is the basis for the word "panic". He was the god of green fields and guardian of the shepherds associated with the worship of Dionysus, and a mountain deity.

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The Satyr Family: 1504 by Albrecht Dürer - engraving (Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio) Viewed as part of the Exhibition: Dürer's Women: Images of Devotion & Desire (August,

My patron God - HERMES GOD OF : Greek mythology I believe he is older than this and has been around from the beginning.

"Toward the middle of the century, a small group of young artists in England reacted vigorously against what they felt was "the frivolous art of the day". Their ambition was to bring English art (such as it was) back to a greater "truth to nature."

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