"How To Teach Time" - A frog story that uses an analog clock to keep track of the time. This is a great video for 1st grade students to learn how to read a clock.

10 Free Printable Math Centers

Find the Sums FREE Printable via NoodleNook.Net

FREE Telling Time puzzles - this is such a fun way for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students to practice using a clock with fun math games (homeschool, educational activity, math center)

2nd Grade Stuff: Number of the Day/Daily Fix It {Freebie}. Use with dry erase markers.

Several ideas for the conceptually teaching of fractions with hands-on activities.

Teaching Time-anchor chart connecting telling time to the quarter and half hour with fractions of a circle.

Love letting them create the visuals. They are so much more likely to use the…

We've "Mathified" The Squares Game!

This FREE multiplication facts game makes kids want to practice their facts!

Johnnie's Math Page is the place to find hundreds of fun and engaing math activities for students and their teachers.

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