Batman riding Robot Unicorn Attack. This is one of the most badass things I have seen in a while... All of your arguments have been rendered irrelevant.

My best friend knows me well @Kelli Earls

Thor Finds A Fluffy Unicorn. Lmmfaooooooo!!!!!!!


Ha ha! #batman #superman #humor

I'll never look at it the same way again....


this made me laugh!

I just laughed way to much

They saw a chance

Captain America is still my favorite but man oh man, Christian Bale is the hottest superhero FOR SURE!

Funny sad Batman and Spiderman

The Truth Behind Narwhals - and how unicorns survived the flood

superman and batman, funny

- Wonder Woman and sassy Batman.

Holy Strawberries Batman


This is fucking awesome

This makes me smile.

Batman helps with English.

Next time you get a call from a blocked number...