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  • Jennifer Grooms

    Uugh! Nothing ticks me off more on the road than a grandma in the fast lane.

  • Jeannette Cooper

    Oh man I need a sign like this! Or maybe I don't, that only feeds the road rage flames, right? Bad Jeannette. But still, thats funny.

  • Stacy Donaldson

    My BIGGEST pet peeve EVER! I'm making signs for the next road trip...

  • Melody Hunley

    i would never do this but it made me laugh.

  • Ron Edge

    This covers two of my categories: funny stuff and Great Ideas. I'm making some of these!

  • Michelle Davis

    @Sylvia Davis. We both NEEEED this sign SO bad. Ugh, slow drivers in the fast lane, one of my biggest pet peeves!

  • ROFL Dump

    Get out of the fast lane #funny #sign #lol #car

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So very true! I'm getting ready to pack for a week long road trip and I'm already spazzing out.

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