long exposure for sparklers. set camera mode to M (manual). set f/stop to f5.6. set shutter speed to 4" (4 seconds) or slower (make the shutter speed faster for more defined words). set white balance to tungsten. the love script in the middle is pretty awesome as she would have had to write it backwards! bottom two are like the fairy waved her magic wand around the couple!

Sparkler photography tutorial-how to take good sparkler pictures!

Photography Cheat Sheet FREE printable! Helps with aperture, ISO and shutter speed!

How to Photograph Writing With Sparklers (I did this last July 4th without the instructions though. It was SO cool!)


Love this set!!

shutter speed tutorial

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General Rules and tips for ISO Camera Settings: •Use an ISO of 100 or 200 when taking photographs outside in sunny conditions. • If the sky is overcast or it is evening time, then use an ISO within the range of 400 to 800. • Night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera ISO to 1600. If you don't then your photo will appear too dark if at all.

This might be good bc then we wouldnt have to worry about the smaller kids looking at the camera.

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