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Oh my goodness I love these colors. Don't have any of the pieces but I think I could pull off the look.

25 Casual Fall Outfits You'll Want To Copy This Year

It's time of the year again. Fall has arrived with it's beautiful scarves, jackets, and sweaters. Every fall comes with its new fashion trends and ideas of how to mix and match different colors and pieces together. This list will explore some styles and trends, that will give you a blast of inspiration for this fall.

(Ignore the purse) I wake up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. My older sister is still asleep so I shake her shoulder to try and wake her up. She sits up and I roll off the bed and walk over to our small bathroom. Today is reaping day and I'm nervous. This is my first year without Jennifer by my side. She's 19 and uneligible, so she has to watch from the sidelines. I wash up as best as I can, and look for something pretty to wear. I would be more comfortable in jeans, but I guess this…