Red Front Doors. I have a red front door. When people asked what colour I was painting my new house I replied that I didn't know because I had to find a colour that went with my red front door. Some got it. some thought I was insane. I love it.

50 Decorating Ideas to Live By: 50. The Art of Hanging Art. Don't you love looking at art on a wall? The key to success is to edit your collection, displaying purposely. What's worked for me is to take everything off the walls and use that "inventory" in new ways. Try to corral collections. Maybe you have scattered one or two woven bowls in a few rooms. Why not display your whole collection near the front door? The impact is astonishing. Please read more at (Photo from…

How's your front door looking? Maybe it's time for a quick, inexpensive re-do as there's nothing like a spectacular door color to grab attention. And to literally welcome your guests, how about writing on your door? For more, please read

50 Decorating Ideas to Live By: 29. Seasonal Decorating Makeover, Autumn. Changing your color theme every season keeps your rooms alive. Most years, summer blue&white gives way to autumn oranges and red (down to the dish towels) but blue&white is my true love and that got me thinking. How to keep blue&white throughout the fall? What about pairing it with greens and grays? Giving myself this past weekend to complete, here's how it turned out. Please read more at

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