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Original KFC fried chicken recipe or something darn close to it. Yummm, if only my conscious would allow me to cook some greasy chicken. Until then, this will be my dream food.

15 vasos de plantas super criativos

Robert Planta é nome deste conjunto para suculentas que homenageia o lendário vocalista do Led Zeppelin. O bonequinho de argila que é feito em duas posições pode ter plantinhas tanto no colo quanto na própria cabeça.

1. salad dressing for your lunch 2. put baggies in one and keep it in your purse 3. spices for in the camper. 4. left over garden seeds. 5. bobby pins - hair bands - barrettes for in the camper bathroom 6. The large ones Tim gets could be used for crayons in the camper

22 IKEA Hacks for the Plants in Your Life

Ingen har väl kunnat undgå den växande trenden för hängande amplar. Och helst ska de hängas upp i...

Faux Bamboo

How to paint PVC pipes to look like bamboo. (much needed for the arch for my beach wedding)