Pastel Goth Girl

Fleur, a pixie who loves to prank people, but is really nice, and somewhat shy if you actually talk to her.<<She is adorably Pastel Goth


shiroiroom: “Alien twins from outer space make their best to make this planet be less grey. Portrait commission - left: tissylicious IG: // right: Emu IG: ” (Best Friend Anime)

kawaii emo anime - Google Search

I actually drew this once at my grans house (I got it off the internet) and it turned out protruding well!

Harajuku Girl by on @deviantART

my oc Mei~~ this is only my second time drawing her, and if u remember the first one, u might notice that i changed her brow piercing to the other side .

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qtsie: “All Corey does all day is eat sleep party repeat Feels good to be back from such a long hiatus ”

Pastel goth (love that great trigger control! Most artists don't pay attention to that detail when drawing people with firearms)

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