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How to Protection Sachet. You should also charge the sachet, holding it between yourhands and charging it with your intent and purpose.

Wicca and Witchcraft P24 It is not necessary to belong to a coven, and many Wiccans don't. Some prefer to work on their own. These witches are called Solitary Practitioners.

For many an Athame is one of the most important tools in a witches cupboard, arsenal... whatever you want to call it. So, what is an Athame? An athame is a ritual knife or dagger that is used in spell casting, circle raising and many other magickal rites. It's used in many of the Pagan and Neo-Pagan traditions, including Wicca. Traditionally, it is a black handled knife that some people choose to make their own while others buy them from Pagan stores. The athame is also a ...

The Element of Fire, connected with the Cardinal Direction of south represents many things. Mostly known as a passion though it drives us forward to the darker recesses of mystery where hides our true power. We seek that which is forgotten by many, we spark change and growth and become consumed by our Passion to know Deity This is the Realm of the Salamander Ancient Lizard curled in the heat of fire, devouring ignorance, consuming doubt and teaching us to feel all to its very depth!

Circle Call-Darksome Night and Shining Moon Hearken to Our Joyous Tune-North, East, South and West We Call Ye Forth To This Circle Blest-Earth and Air, Fire and Water, Come and Join Your Son and Daughter-Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart Make Sacred This Space a World Apart-Gentle Mother of Earth, Awesome Father of Sky, Join With Our Hearts-The Time Is Nigh-Great Spirit-Divine One-Creator of All-Answer Our Most Reverent Call-The Circle Is Cast-The Light Unbroken-So Mote It Be-Our Magick Is Spoken

Different types of Wicca Teutonic (Nordic) From ancient time the Teutons have been recognized as a group of people who speak the Germanic group of languages. Culturally, this included the English, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish peoples. This is also called the Nordic tradition.