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Sure, there are plenty of ways of dealing with storage problems, but the Kangaroo bottle is one of the more elegant ones in our opinion. It’s a 24 oz. water bottle with a flip-up compartment for storing your cards, keys or even some cash. The spout is spill-proof and leak-proof and can be used one-handed. There’s even a convenient flip-up handle with a carabiner. Best of all, it’s $13.


Web Riderz Nest Swing

So much cooler than a tire swing and it won't collect water!

So smart! Stick it in your purse and whenever some restaurant or store is out of soap, use yours!

from Listotic

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Wide Bag Cap! Seal in the freshness... Thank you Amazon!

Bottle Opener // Catches Stores Up To 30 Caps Neatly in the Bottle

For the next time someone asks for money instead of a gift... think teenagers. The disappointment when they unwrap a candy box, only to be surprised when they open the candy box!

Traveling light? This clever bottle holds a refreshing beverage and an iPhone with a secure silicone design. Try it at the gym, the beach, in the car and beyond.

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Sandless beach mat! Repels sand, dust and water! Amazon has it for half the price.