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Iceberg spotted too late - Business unsinkable - Think again

Change management comic - What if we don't change I found this funny and relevant to the need to adapt to the changing global market and flattening world. BLL

Daily Quotation for June 1, 2014 #quote #quoteoftheday Remember that the 6 most expensive words in business are: "We've always done it that way." - Catherine DeVrye

That's it! JUST THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Be intellectually honest. Don't buy into something because it's society's indoctrination that you grew up with, and never questioned or because you've been told the Bible says this or that, but you've never read the book, only parts...research your views. Most people merely buy into it because you're shunned if you don't, or just keep their mouth shut a lot like me, and put thoughts in their mind, on a board, etc ...ha!

So true ....... Sometimes hard changes are for the best ...... If all the doors close find a window #wordsofwisdom