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A Look At Tesla's Cheapest Car, The Model 3

Tesla's much-anticipated somewhat affordable electric car will be called the Model 3. Pic is a Tesla Model S (the Model 3 design is set to be revealed in 2016).

2013 Tesla Model S. I would have allowed the battery pack to be twice as tall if it meant it could be half as wide. Low center of gravity is great, but a battery weighing 550 kg is a huge mass to distribute so far across the entire width. An object's resistance to rotation is angular moment of inertia, or the distance that an object's amount of mass is located relative to the vehicle's center of gravity. Narrower at about the same distance or closer ought to allow better body control.

Tesla Model X SUV hands-on (video)

So what's next for Tesla? Company founder and CEO Elon Musk has publicly stated his desire to make a more affordable EV plus cars that (mostly) drive themselv...

A New, Eco-Friendly Electric Car Will Hit The Road Soon

Hoping to buy one: A New, Eco-Friendly Electric Car Will Hit The Road Soon | The new Model III from Tesla will debut in 2016, but not be available for purchase until 2017.