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Portion of 1st panorama around Chang’e-3 landing site after China’s Yutu rover drove onto the Moon’s surface on Dec. 15, 2013. The images were taken by Chang’e-3 lander following Dec. 14 touchdown. Panoramic view was created from screen shots of a news video assembled into a mosaic. Credit: CNSA/CCTV/screenshot mosaics & processing by Marco Di Lorenzo/Ken Kremer See the complete panorama below   Story updated

China’s Lunar Lander snaps landing site Panorama - Universe Today

50 Amazing facts about our Moon -- info graphic, #teaching #space #science

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic]

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic] Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out 50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic] now!

GRAIL Mission Solved Man in the Moon Mystery: Volcano Caused It Not An Asteroid. Story by Heidi Smith

The moon's Ocean of Storms was previously thought to be a round crater left after a giant impact, but now researchers surprisingly find it is underlain by a giant rectangle created by cooling lunar lava as the moon formed.

Three spectacular new panoramas give an eye-popping look at NASAs Mars rover Curiosity hard at work on the Red Planet. Each photo is a mosaic stitched together using more than ...

Stunning Mars Panoramas Show Curiosity Rover at Work

This mosaic, stitched together from more than 40 raw images taken Jan. shows NASA's Mars rover Curiosity at the John Klein drill site with arm deployed and massive Mt.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Over Tucson, Ariz.  April 21, 2013

The Lyrid Meteor Shower. The earliest account of this shower comes from a record made by Chinese astronomers in 687 BC, stating that “at midnight, stars dropped down like rain.

China’s Shenzhou-10 Crew Has Returned to Earth

China’s Shenzhou-10 Crew Has Returned to Earth

China’s Crew Returns to Earth


A mosaic of five different shots of the quarter Moon as it set over Marina di Pisa, Tuscany, Italy on July Credit and copyright: Giuseppe Petricca


China’s Yutu lunar rover finds moon geography more complex than thought

Notional Zephyr Entry, Descent and Landing Profile

Windsurfing on a Wicked World

A landing concept for a possible Venus windsurfing rover from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts office.

The crescent moon is the evening star.

On September brilliant planet Venus appearing as the evening star stood near a slender, crescent Moon at sunset.