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Reddish Egret...omg this guy made me laugh so loud, absolutely love him...possibly the most hilarious bird

Love this guy but don't know the name. Makes me think of monday. Or mornings. Or bad hair days.

Fancy Bird Oooohhhh! Love this one, Trish! Blue, white, and so fluffy!

Love it's tutu! Bali Mynah- is restricted to the island of Bali in Indonesia, where it is the island's only endemic vertebrate species. Photo by


The Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus) displays its impressive crest only rarely, while preening, during courtship, and after mating.<< cutie little thing

prettybirds:  Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

The Wilson's Bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) is distributed to the hill and lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta Islands off West Papua (Indonesia). Photo by Tim Laman


Cuban Tody - ©Ian Merrill (via SurfBirds) - The Cuban Tody is a bird species in the family Todidae that is restricted to Cuba and adjacent islands. The species is characterized by small size, large head relative to body size, and a thin, pointed bill

Baby Owl

Adorable baby owl - this has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen

Little Fat Fairy Wren

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