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This Talk was a few years ago, but the doodle is awesome - telling a story with Robert McKee

I like the idea of making advice, or what you have learned, visual. A visual writing journal. (Telling a story with Robert McKee)

characters for an epic tale

This makes me wish I taught creative writing.Fun creative writing- characters you need for an epic tale by tom gauld. students choose one, three, ten -- then write!

Try Flashcards! To remember things better, you must make yourself retrieve that information several times. Simply reading over your notes a thousand times won’t help you study. Because you’re not working hard to retrieve any information, the info is not consolidated in your long-term memory and stays in your working memory (only up to 5 seconds max)."

study-hack: “ Learned this the other day in BioPsych: The reason why flashcards are a great way to memorize concepts and terms is because when you study with them, you make your brain work hard to.

Conflict in Literature

Conflict in Literature

in one graphic Grant Snider has summed up Conflict in Literature in a delightful comic: Lisa Three of my favorite books presented themselves, one for each era: Classical - Till We Have Faces (Man vs God) Modern - The Gammage … Continue reading →

Incorporate writing into your schedule and WRITE! - "Weekly Writing Plan to Strengthen Your Writing Muscles"

Weekly Writing Plan from ezine

Make exercising your writing muscles a daily habit by incorporating this easy Weekly Writing Plan into your routine. This infographic from ezine will help

character bio

A Guide to Creating Interesting Fictional Characters

Character Chart for writing books. Great way to keep track of character traits and personality!

awesome!! i totally wish my creative writing teacher would give me prompts like this :P weekly prompts

Writing Or. Write about the princess that rescued the dragon from the knight. << i want a story ab a dragon rescuing a knight from a princess. maybe the princess is the real dragon and a curse was set on them and they switched bodies?