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i am who i am and i wont apologize for it. i reblog/post anything i want that catches my attention and my wandering eye. i act shy but im really not, so feel free to start up a conversation or ask me whatever's on your mind :)!

New Year's resolutions? Buy more books. Spend more time reading. Drink more coffee. I got this.

14 Internal Struggles Only Bookworms Will Understand

So true. Check out these other book memes about the struggles of being a bookworm.

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10 Funny Images You'll Understand If You Only Want Books for Christmas

10 Images You’ll Understand If You Only Want Books for Christmas

The story of my LIFE!

In case of emergencies, carry a book!

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10 Things You'll Relate to If You Stay Up Too Late Reading

10 Hilarious Memes About Being Sleep Deprived from Reading