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lotrconfessions: “There is only one thing I want. My father died after a battle against cancer, he has endured so much pain without complaining. The only thing I wish is that before exhaling his last...

Then Fëanor ran from the Ring of Doom, and fled into the night; for his father was dearer to him than the Light of Valinor or the peerless works of his hands; and who among sons, of Elves or of Men, have held their fathers of greater worth? ~ The Silmarillion, Of the Flight of the Noldor. (Artwork: The Curse of Fëanor by pika-la-cynique on deviantart)

That's right, the authors/illustrators of "Maps of Tolkien's Middle-Earth", Brian Sibley and JOHN HOWE, wrote on MY Facebook page! (Sorry... Just having a fangirl moment here)

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