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Stand firm. Don't waver. Be rooted in Christ. Moods and circumstances will change, but your faith should not, it's a lie of the devil.

Believers belong to the Lord and not to themselves, and that is why they are secure. An owner is responsible for his own possessions, so it is impossible for a true believer ever to be lost. However, a TRUE believer will never return to a sinful former lifestyle and STAY in that condition since the Holy Spirit now indwells him. "Quickie conversions" reap quick dropouts, but true belief endures to the end. Don't be deceived by satan's copycats. Read 1 John 2:3-8.

"Have the moral courage to stand firm in obeying God's will, even if you have to stand alone." —Elder Ulisses Soares

"The Chocolate Chip became famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven. Be the Chocolate Chip helps to bring to life the qualities that help us as followers of Christ and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stand strong and firm in a world of ever-increasing heat. Jen and Amy outline four steps that we can follow each and every day to stay firm and strong, and to be the chocolate chips in the cookies of life."