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* Purple Calla Lilies--Zone 7-10. Annual. Dog Toxic! Blooms June-Jul/ 16in High & 16in Spacing & 3in Deep (plant after the last frost)/Full Sun-Partial Shade/Best 70F/Moist well-drained soil/Love ponds/ Love feeding of organic matter/Great cut flowers/DO prune yellow leaves/Heat stress can reduce flowering/NOT winter hardy/(Winterizing--dig up after first frost, dry bulbs for a day & store away from drafts in a paper bag or box filled with dry peat moss (40-50F);or plant indoors away from…


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Gorgeous colour - Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder Lily Flower - Arum Lilies

~~ Asiatic lily 'Queen of the Night' | Thoroughly spectacular and totally unique, Queen of Night boasts big flowers so dark they appear black in the garden. Large red-orange stamens highlight the ebony blooms nicely. Their sweet fragrance is a lovely accent to their incomparable beauty | Spalding Bulb~~

Red fire cala lilies! I had no idea Cala Lilies came in such a broad spectrum of colors! White, yellow, orange, purple, black, purple centered calas...such a timeless flower, I think..