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  • Mikayla Rose

    Weight loss commandments Not only are these reasonable, they're do-able, they're livable, and they're commandments that should be life long, and not simply when on a diet. Printing this and sticking it on my fridge ASAP. :)

  • Susan Hernandez

    Weight loss commandments #weightloss tips

  • Monica Bertoli

    Viance Nutrition | 10 Weight Loss Commandments | | #viancenutrition #viance #healthyliving #weight #weightloss

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This needs to be on my fridge. And in my wallet. And in my car....Just about anywhere I go.

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Eat Your Heart Out Cleanse. I might try this one day, not so much for the weight but the cleansing affect. :]

It's really hard to bulk up as a woman, rather, building muscle will make your body an efficient machine to burn the fat:)

agree! i feel so much stronger after 4 1/2 weeks of weight watchers, but i've only lost 10lbs. its not all about the numbers...

This workout may not require any weights, but make sure you have water handy! Awesome site, with a ton of different workouts for different areas of your body. (A little gift to my readers who stick around through thick and thin. ilu guys.)

Found this on an inspirational fitness site. Plenty of hints, tips and motivational stories