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And yet, sweatpants are ugly, mondays are horrible, junk food goes straight to you butt, girls are super dramatic, guys... well they have pea brains (nough said), and goodbyes are always longer than you want.

"So that's why Jackson leaves the talking to you?" "Part of it. The other part is that all the things necessary to say I've already thought of." (The Motorcyclist's Granddaughter, Autumn Laisse Hathel)

Somewhere between heartache & waiting ...someone will sweep you off your feet and the indecisive person will be left wondering where you went. Don't look back...

Never settle just because you're tired of being single..if it's meant to happen it will find you.. Meanwhile live, learn,grow., be true to who you are.

You always deserve to be the most important... #saying #poster #quote #sign #important #girlfriend #boyfriend #love #life