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His smile makes me haopyyy ❤- Yasmeen

I can't believe I missed them at areo on Sunday!!! I could have literally walked to where they were from my house

Omg im crying :(( even though some of the boys will still be in Magcon. Magcon will never be the same without Cam , Nash , Hayes , and Carter....

#magconfangirl My fav Magcon boys are Taylor Caniff and Nash Grier. I honestly could not pick just one because they are both so amazing. They are my favorite because they are both super funny and I love their vines. They never fail to make me smile. Also, you know that whole 'there are seven people in the world who look like you' thing? Well there is a guy at my school that is one of the seven that looks like Nash Grier. They look so similar its insane.