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When you point the finger at some one else you got 3 pointing at you. Think before you speak, and love before you think. Antiracism poster by Aggelos Ntinas..

Anti-racism poster that shows each arm as a gun pointed at themselves. I believe it shows how the guns are in the control of the other, and that trust is the only thing separating the death of each other.

Graphic Giraffe

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Daily Inspiration #1669 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Daily Inspiration #1669

very cool and quite simple in it's negative space!Moon-City Really interesting design and i love the use of the negative space.


25 Excellent Negative Space Artworks For Inspiration - Autumns Fall Design of a giraffe falling apart and becoming autumn leaves.

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"The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise" Poster minimal colors, unique concept Gaaf hoe er zoveel diepte in letters is aangebracht