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Be a bridesmaid. Done for one of my best friends weddings. I've always dreamed of being a bridesmaid.

before i die | Tumblr... Dad <3

When my dad died, I thought he won't be able to walk me down the aisle, but I honored if my step dad would do me the honors of walking me down the aisle. That is what my dad would want. I love you daddy!

done! I saw Aerosmith last summer (2014)   and this summer im going to see 5sos and nickelback

Attend a Concert - COMPLETE! Saw Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour on June By far that was the best concert I've ever seen!

In a decade or so I would love all of this

To add to your bucket list. I've done gingerbread house and laid in the road for about a second cuz a car came:/

Bucket list: Visit  Mayan ruins <3

Climb the Steps of the Mayan Ruins / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die .( you can't climb them anymore )

a bucket list for girls.. Yay! This happened for me this year!

be the godmother of my best friend's child! and have my best friend be the godmother of my child!

You Are My Bucket List Print

You Are My Bucket List Print

I mean, how sweet is this? We love this gold foil letter pressed print! It is the perfect piece to put in your office or by the door to remind your loved one how much they mean to you every day. Sold without the frame.

Bucket list - watch kids get married. I would love to see my children in the future get married. #coaching #journeybeyonddivorce #divorce http://journeybeyonddivorce.com/

i WILL watch my kids get married, and i can't wait for the day my husband let's go of his daughter and hands her to her prince charming. i know mike will tear inside!