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    your fat ass decoded

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    • BeFiT

      Low Carb is the easiest way to lose weight and still EAT!!! I typically lose one pound every day or every other day by going low carb. And thanks to pinterest I have found lots of new low carb recipes :) #howtoloseweight #diet #weightloss #dieting #loseweight #fitness #food #exercise

    • Isabel Moisés

      Awesome infographic! Fats DON'T Make Us Fat. Carbs DO. #weight #diet #health #detox #cleanse #food #smart

    • Jason Storlie

      Great infographic which illustrates how carbohydrates can lead to weight gain and why low fat diets were not the holy grail to health. But, I think it’s important to keep in mind that any extreme diet that is either very low in fats or carbs will be doomed to failure. Various sources of wholesome, non-processed, organic foods in moderation, couple with a fitness program that is fun and realistic is the key : )

    • Greg Carley

      Carbs Are Killing You: Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat - Fat’s got a bad rap. We’ve heard that curbing our consumption of fatty foods will help you lose weight. We’ve reduced our fat intake, but obesity is still thriving. So what gives? The answer: It’s not fat’s fault. Instead, diets rich in carbohydrates have been secretly storing fat, slowly growing our waistlines and our obesity epidemic. #Infographic #Fitness #Food #Health

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    uh yeah, i fail at this


    when you've hit a plateau... helpful tips (and not sure about the apple/pear thing, because this article doesn't differentiate)


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    How Much is a Pound of Fat

    Health benefits of lavender. Follow us @ for more updates.

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    Sample Meal Plan

    #Alzheimer's Prevention. #SmartHealthTalk Note: Saturated fats in conventional meats dangerous. Saturated fats from organic coconut oil PROTECTIVE. Also Omega 3s in organic grassfed meat/dairy WILD SALMON NOT FARMED. Iron skillets not as scary as aluminum/Teflon pans. TRANS FAT = POISON. Labels lie! Say NO TRANSFAT but if hydrolyzed oil on label IN THERE!. Need Vitamin C/antioxidants to prevent aneurysm. Use Terramin's IONIC bond to remove heavy metals/toxins from body. On Amazon.

    Good Info - From The Londoner: The Anti Diet

    Another Good Carbs vs. Bad #Carbs #Infographic

    Eating a balanced diet will avoid the cravings.

    Body Mass Index #BMI and Risk of Death #Infographic

    The Military Diet - LOSE WEIGHT F A S T !!