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Amiga, Pirei!: Sessão De Filmes

❤Baby Love❤ ~Picnic date! With all these date ideas I'm putting on this board, you'd think I'd have a boyfriend right? Urm no


Olivia Palermo Photos - Model actress Olivia Palermo and her model beau Johannes Huebl took part in a photoshoot in Les Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France on March 2012 - Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl Capture Their Romance In The Park

Just Sex

I don’t wanna rush this thing. I don’t wanna jump the gun. I really wanna say those three little words. Kisses in the snow.

O amor verdadeiro começa lá onde não se espera mais nada em troca." Antoine de Saint-Exupèry

He'd seen her everyday- the blind girl sitting on the edge of the street. And today? "Hey… Mind if I sit? I have a song to play for you. I'll be the blind girl, I need someone to be the guy)