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Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and check out our beautiful babies in the wild! Leopard cub by Sarah Walton

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I have a tabby cat who hangs like this and called him Bagheera. He slinks about like a regal big cat. #junglebook

Endangered Clouded Leopard newborn <3

The Sunda clouded leopard, also known as the Borneo Big Cat, is a medium-sized wild cat found in Borneo and Sumatra. In 2006, it was classified as a separate species of leopard with largest fangs in cat world. Click to read more about this rare cat.

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Too Cute ! - 2nd August 2016

Too Cute ! - 2nd August 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens …

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TOP 10 Emotional photos of animals

Snow Leopard cuddle, big cats, leopards !IEC