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I used to do this to my golden's hair after he'd get out of the swimming pool!

wash the dog! by lucia meler maura, via Flickr

My mommy always thinks I need a bath and I don't understand why, I Don't Like Taking A Bath!! Rowdy looks just like this when he's bathing

Did You Know... 90% of bunnies bought for children at Easter are killed within the first 6 months... Think smart people get your kids pets that dont breath ! Unless you are ready for the responsibility.

Curiosity ~ it will last an entire lifetime !

Baths traumatize even the coolest cats!!!

Can I please have a bath? I'm a little muddy! here to find out more

ohhhh my - i can't take that face! he's one unhappy camper but still - cute beyond words!

Bath time! Just like our choc lab, Beau, a fine southern, gentle giant. The first time I gave Beau a bath in the basement bath, he did this and smiled at me. What a love... That was 4 years ago and we still ache for him!!

:D Looks a bit like one of my little furbabies, but she isn't this calm when taking a bath