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Navy Seal Jon Tumilson & Hawkeye. Tumilson lost his life serving our country in Afghanistan,his faithful companion Hawkeye layed beside his coffin for the duration of his funeral. 2 amazing spirits!

Hawkeye the dog, lies on the floor next to the casket of his owner, U.S. Navy SEAL Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. RIP JT <3

Killed in Afghanistan March 2013~Deepest sympathies to MWD Bak's handler and all who knew him and the men who died with him. Bak was ambushed by the insider attack that also took the lives of two American soldiers and two Afghani policemen. The handler was wounded, but is expected to make a quick recovery.

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This is Liam and Theo....they were killed together last week in Afghanistan ....they are being buried in the same casket this coming week...lets not forget that this is going on every day.