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Real Dad.

adoption tee

For an adoption finalization party!

"So far, no morning sickness... But the paper cuts are terrible." Awesome adoption shirt!


There's a dad version too. #adoption

Adoption Quotes.

Adoption: Building a family through the process of concentrated, dedicated, enduring love, rather than biology.

Adoption Quotes. People need to see the truth in this, its like saying my real children and my adopted children, they are all children!!

Bringing Awareness to Respectful Adoption Language. I agree with the majority of these, however I think some depend on the context of the situation. For example the use of the term "real parent," depends on how the adoptee/parent defines it, how the other person defines it, who they actually meant to talk about, and more context of the conversation. In general, try to be neutral and just ask.

Why don't consequences, discipline, and rewards work with some adopted children? This question is asked by adoptive parents every day. Find out why on www.lovinadoptin.com #adoption #attachment #fostercare

paper pregnant shirt---"So far, no morning sickness, but the paper cuts are terrible!"


Another one I'll have to have. (adoptionbug.com)

"Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born" The kids LOVE this book!!!

Motherhood - no stretch marks required

How to Get Your House Ready for an Adoption Home Study. If we ever decide to adopt, this will be good to know!

Need to add this one to our reading list: Inside Transracial Adoption, 2nd ed. "Just as we cannot prevent our children from experiencing the loss of their birth family, we cannot prevent them from experiencing the loss of growing up in a same-race family. What we can do to take care of our children is confront our own blind spots and biases and work to become effective anti-racist allies."

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