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    Holocaust survivor to spend holiday in New York with woman who helped save her…

    A grateful Israeli grandmother is spending Thanksgiving in New York with the woman who helped save her from the Nazis 67 years ago.
    • Tori C.

      A Holocaust survivor and the woman who saved her reunite in New York for Thanksgiving.

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    Hitler's Black Victims: The Historical Experiences of European Blacks, Africans and African Americans During the Nazi Era (Crosscurrents in African American History),

    This is the third page of a testimony Dr. Kurt Grunwald delivered to Pvt. Albert Levinson in Ohrdruf concentration camp in April 1945. (

    This is the second page of the post-war testimony Dr. Kurt Grunwald delivered to Pvt. Albert Levinson in the Ohrdruf concentration camp. (

    This is the first page of a post-war testimony Dr. Kurt Grunwald delivered to Pvt. Albert Levinson in Ohrdruf.

    Misa's Fugue is now on Pinterest!! "Birkenau" an art piece featured in Misa's Fugue (

    An aerial photo of the ruins of crematorium and gas chamber II. The structure on the left is the underground changing room from which people walked inside an undeground gas chamber (room at the bottom). The structure on the right is the crematorium which was built on the ground level and had 5 three-muffled furnaces.

    The deportations of Jews from Lublin, Poland began on 17 March 1942, and by April, some 30,000 Jews had been deported. Most of the deportees were murdered in Belzec, the remainder in the forests surrounding Lublin.

    Auschwitz I. The double barbed wire fence system of the camp.

    Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The view of the unloading ramp of the camp taken from one of the windows of the main gate.

    One of the watchtowers at the Auschwitz II-Birkenau site.

    On March 1, 1941 Reichsführer SS (SS Commander) Heinrich Himmler carried out his first inspection of Auschwitz. In the picture you can see Heinrich Himmler surrounded by SS men during his second visit to Auschwitz – in July 1942 – at the site of IG Farben industrial plant. Next to Himmler (left in the first row) you can see senior IG Farber engineer Maximilian Faust (in a hat) and Rudolf Hoess - the commandant of Auschwitz.

    Ruins of the crematorium II at the Auschwitz II-Birkenau site.

    The main gate of the camp with a infamous slogan "Arbeit macht frei".

    Michael Kenna : Suitcases, Auschwitz, Poland, 1993 | In the collection of the Auschwitz Memorial there is 3800 suitcases includinc 2100 with inscription made by their owners.

    Auschwitz II-Birkenau. One of internal gates of the camp and a road dividing sectors BIa and BIb (female camps).

    The historical train car at the unloading and selecrion ramp at the Auschwitz II-Birkenau. In the distance the main gate of the camp.

    Please vote for Misa's Fugue to win a People's Choice Telly Award at this link:

    Photo of Frank "Misa" Grunwald and his mother, Vilma, that was recently added to the archives of @HolocaustMuseum - learn more about their story at

    Shoshana Golan, left, welcomes Wladyslawa Dudziak to New York at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday. Dudziak took primary responsibility for Golan's care after her mother took the young girl in during the Holocaust. They two hadn't seen each other in decades.

    A synagogue on fire during the Kristallnacht Pogrom, a photo from Echoes and Reflections Lesson 1: Studying the Holocaust

    The Holocaust documentary we created with students and staff at FAHS...www.fahsdo...

    An amazing Holocaust commemoration piece!

    The are of Warsaw Ghetto, photographed after being destroyed by the Germans in 1945.

    March 30, 1942: The first trainload of Jews from Paris arrive at Auschwitz. This photograph shows the many suitcases of those deported to Auschwitz, many of whom would never return. Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    From Auschwitz I