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  • Kelly Azevedo

    1984 - not sure if this is one of my favorite books because it's the year I was born or just that good. George Orwell

  • alexandra :)

    10 Science Fiction Novels - 1984 by George Orwell. The classic dystopian novel that gave us Newspeak and Big Brother.

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Otro para la lista de favoritos. En orden o caos, con voto o a la fuerza, el Poder deshumanizado siempre permanece, sostenido en el engranaje de sus elementos opuestos o contradicciones dicotómicas, tales como Gobierno-Oposición, Paz-Guerra, Verdad-Mentira, Amor-Odio, Abundancia-Hmabre, etc; Perpetuándose en el tiempo, bien puede llamarse Libertad o Esclavitud, Democracia o Dictadura; el juego de los nombres es su gran escondite.

One of my all-time favorites. As time passes, it just seems more and more apropos.

Flavorwire's compilation of cover designs for '1984' has some gems, including this one for a Swedish edition

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys – I REALLY enjoyed Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys! This was a WWII book about how the people of Lithuania were treated, mainly the non-Jews. Don't let the title throw you off, it has NOTHING to do with any of "shades of gray" book. This one is actually WORTH reading! :)

1984 (I already have this pinned here, but I like this cover even better.)

Living In A Surveillance Society. Its a heartbreaking realistic, slap to the face, that our Forefather Principles have and are being trod upon by, "wolves in sheeps clothing.

1984 - Great cover for this book! (Had to read it in high school....would have enjoyed it more, if the one I read had this great design for the cover!)

George Orwell. I couldn't imagine that this year would ever happen. It was too far in the future.

1984 George Orwell by Velvet Glass, via Flickr

Animal Farm poster. Part of penguin redesign in a set. I've never had a windmill remind me of a swastika before.

reading the book was like floating in a slow moving current on a warm lazy, quite afternoon