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    Activist Mother Jones, correcting the person who introduced her before a speech as a "great humanitarian."

    More women wisdom . #women

    The difference between personality and attitude. My Personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.

    she believed #women

    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in a commencement address at Barnard College, urging women not to opt out of the workforce before they aim for advancement. #women #SherylSandberg #Facebook #Commencement #BarnardCollege #CommencementAddress #quote

    Love this quote! #women #sleep

    Surprises can be so lovely:) --maryanne #women #direction

    A Little Women quote reminding us an ordinary life isn't the GOAL. #LittleWomen #women #ordinary

    perspective, ladies! #women #VictoriaHolt

    hang in there.


    You are a thousand things

    Less said is important lesson to us women as we've been programmed we need to explain ALL. We don't! When we over explain, it weakens our stance, muddies the water and shortens our life by causing unnecessary stress (trying to come up with good excuse for our no is HIGHLY stressful!)! ...Man says No, tips his hat, and moves FORWARD. ... Good news: After a few No's/followed by our silence, it DOES get easier, even for us Southern girls:) ~maryanne #women #Southern


    I don't care how other people view me,criticized me,hate me,or even stopping me from moving on towards my dream and my life,I know is hard,but e quote certainly taught me that,go towards the feeling of my heart.

    Estee Lauder.

    "Dream on, dreamer."

    Me too.